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Mind Slavery

I am a man and men especially love logic, thinking and having in-depth discussions about some random ”bullshit”. That is probably the reason why I’ve always been interested in building new products and thinking about how to make something more efficient. In the past I would often read business books [...]

About the Smile

Today, I arrived to Virgin beach in Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia. It is a very quiet place and not crowded with many tourists. I love those kinds of places. “I must be a lucky guy to get here”, I thought and immediately wanted to stay longer. I asked a waitress [...]

  • Let’s go to Chicago to attend UPW event

Let’s go to Chicago to attend UPW event

I am a big fan of Anthony Robbins, who is probably number one life and business coach. Recently I have heard some amazing stories from my friends about how Anthony’s live events transformed their lives and so I pondered: ”If my friends say positive things about the event and if Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams think [...]