Mind Slavery

I am a man and men especially love logic, thinking and having in-depth discussions about some random ”bullshit”. That is probably the reason why I’ve always been interested in building new products and thinking about how to make something more efficient. In the past I would often read business books before going to bed, when driving I would listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship and I felt like I was wasting [...]

About the Smile

Today, I arrived to Virgin beach in Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia. It is a very quiet place and not crowded with many tourists. I love those kinds of places. “I must be a lucky guy to get here”, I thought and immediately wanted to stay longer. I asked a waitress in a restaurant if it is possible to simply sleep on the beach and she didn’t know what to say. [...]

Let’s go to Chicago to attend UPW event

I am a big fan of Anthony Robbins, who is probably number one life and business coach. Recently I have heard some amazing stories from my friends about how Anthony’s live events transformed their lives and so I pondered: ”If my friends say positive things about the event and if Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams think that this is a life-changing event – why wouldn’t I try to attend it?”. 

I went to his website and saw [...]

ULU at Cebit

When we were in the Netherlands, we applied to Code-N startup competition which had its final event at on one of the world’s largest and most international computer expos – Cebit. 400 startups from all over the world applied and we were one of the 50 startups which were selected to present their product there.

The event date was soon here … Since it is not only important what you do and why you do it but [...]

Maybe I know where your money is!

This time I have to start in Slovenian …

Če si 28. februarja na Petrol črpalki na Viču v Ljubljani (Tržaška cesta 130) pozabil 20 EUR na bankomatu, ti lahko pomagam, da jih dobiš nazaj! Piši mi na … 

I will continue with the inspiring story because it had occurred in less than half an hour and its lesson really made my day.
The Story …
In the morning, after a long [...]

The Royal Dongle

Some of you already know that for the last three months we’ve been part of the Ulu story, participating in the StartupBootcampHighTechXL accelerator in Eindhoven. After all the sleepless nights, wether it be because of (over)working, partying or snoring, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

The last week is finally here.. the crescendo before the big CABOOM. It’s been always on our minds, while working, [...]

Yeiiii, we are in the accelerator

I received a few questions about what I am doing here in the Netherlands, so  I will try to explain it shortly in blog posts with the facts I find interesting.

Our office in High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands

A few months ago we ( team) received an invitation to the Startupbootcamp accelerator in Eindhoven. Startupbootcamp is one of the largest startup support organisations in the world and runs its programs in [...]

Baruco conference

The first time I heard about the conference was back in april in Ruby Weekly. As always we spoke about it with the guys and (like every time) we said “cool” and forgot about it. After a couple of months we started looking again into conferences and decided that it was time to go to one. There was a really interesting one in Berlin (with camping and stuff) but [...]

Scraping spider using Rails and Copybara

For exercise I tried to discover companies from Slovenia which export their goods to Austria.  Let’s say we are interested in 10 companies with greatest income. It seems like an easy task doesn’t it? In fact all the data is publicly  available on but unfortunately ..

the website lacks ordering by company’s income
data exporting is limited to max 100 records.

If we wanted to get the data manually it would [...]

Behind the Scenes – Run&Roll

Each story has a begining and this is Run&Rolls. It all started as a brainstorming session, where ideas were thrown here and there (and everywhere). We wanted something simple, something that we can relate to, something likable. And whats easier than a rolling snowball?  And who doesn’t like snow (hands down summer lovers!! :) )?

The Begining

The Merger
It did not take long for us to [...]