5 02, 2015

The Royal Dongle

Some of you already know that for the last three months we’ve been part of the Ulu story, participating in the StartupBootcampHighTechXL accelerator in Eindhoven. After all the sleepless nights, wether it be because of (over)working, partying or snoring, we can finally see the light at the end of the [...]

26 01, 2015

Yeiiii, we are in the accelerator

I received a few questions about what I am doing here in the Netherlands, so  I will try to explain it shortly in blog posts with the facts I find interesting.

Our office in High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands

A few months ago we ( team) received an invitation to the Startupbootcamp [...]

25 09, 2014

Baruco conference

The first time I heard about the conference was back in april in Ruby Weekly. As always we spoke about it with the guys and (like every time) we said “cool” and forgot about it. After a couple of months we started looking again into conferences and decided that [...]

14 08, 2014

Scraping spider using Rails and Copybara

For exercise I tried to discover companies from Slovenia which export their goods to Austria.  Let’s say we are interested in 10 companies with greatest income. It seems like an easy task doesn’t it? In fact all the data is publicly  available on but unfortunately ..

the website lacks [...]