Find local business in no time. When using rankberry you just type in what you are searching for and it will quickly show you the best results possible. It helps you find information about your surroundings and finds local businesses you are looking for and it does it fast.

We are all too familiar with the situation when we want to find a place, product or a service but are struggling to do so. By using rankberry you will simply and quickly find what you are looking for. For example if you want to find a nearby restaurant, or a store, or anything actually, rankberry will do the research for you and list you the results that suit your search the best.

The search was never easier. Our algorithms show you the most relevant search results everytime and everywhere.


  • shows you the most relevant search results based on your location and search term
  • works fast even when you are without WiFi
  • automatic location recognition
  • shows information about a local business
  • allows you to easily contact the business or get the information you need
  • allows you to share the location with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or instant message
  • gives you driving directions to your desired location
  • 3 tabs, most popular, my history and my favorites, let you store the locations and businesses you were looking for, helps you remember which one did you like best and shows what others look for the most.

Stop wasting your time and let the search with rankberry begin! It’s quick and easy.

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