About Mice3

It all started 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years ago when the Big Bang went BAAANG. Then it was dark for a very very long time. The antimatter was lost and found again, stars were formed, galaxies created and eventually on a small rock just the right distance away from one of the stars (not to far away to be cold and not to close to be to tanned) elements were combined in a specifically random way – and life was born. The rock mentioned was eventually named Earth and the little cellular organisms evolved into the species we nowadays call humans (or Homo Sapiens Sapiens).

There are approximately humans living on our precious Earth and we are three of them. This is our story:

We are 3 super cool guys, who all graduated from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. As our study programs tradition dictates, we all partook on the study excursion to the Silicon Valley in 2011, where we visited different companies from small startups to big multinational giants and got a glimpse into their day-to-day life. We all fell in love with the energy and motivation that we saw in the smaller businesses and decided to try something similar ourselves!
It didn’t take us long to start working on our dream. In the beginning of 2012 we rented a attic apartment in Ljubljana and started working on our very first product Run&Roll.
Since our start we went to hell and back again (not literally, although we did get to visit some interesting countries such as Cyprus, Estonia and Finland) learned a lot about what not to do and a little something about what to to as well. :)

We are quite active in the Slovenian StartUp scene, participating in Kickstarter projects (FlyKly, H2O-Pal), working on our own product (OdoCost) that will be launched soon and always looking for new challenges and opportunities.

Team members

Klemen Nagode

He has 11 years of experience in computer science involving distributed real-time systems and mobile applications. He loves continuous integration software development. He has been an active PHP/Flash freelancer since the age of 17. He was the lead developer at the most visited national cycling website. At age of 21 he developed a fault-tolerant chat system which was used by one of the most influential news websites in Slovenia for many years. He is also a mentor at the Slovenian youth startup accelerator.

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Marko Jurinčič

He started out as a web developer in a small Slovenian startup, where he discovered his love for the startup world and creating products that can help people and make a difference in their lifestyle. Prior to FlyKly he worked as the main developer for Simbioz@ (a project that won the European Citizen’s award), helped develop a system for the Institute for Transfusion Medicine in Slovenia and also freelanced on mobile applications and games.

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Rok Črešnik

After some dull years in the corporate world, Rok wanted to expand his knowledge and challenge himself further. A couple of years ago he joined forces with Marko and Klemen and started working on his very first indie game. Since then his portfolio has been filled with various mobile projects, ranging from indie games to business applications and (almost) everything in-between.

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