Some of you already know that for the last three months we’ve been part of the Ulu story, participating in the StartupBootcampHighTechXL accelerator in Eindhoven. After all the sleepless nights, wether it be because of (over)working, partying or snoring, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

The last week is finally here.. the crescendo before the big CABOOM. It’s been always on our minds, while working, relaxing and yes, even sleeping. And as it happened, the last sprint was kind of… really eventful :D

We already knew, that on the 3rd of February, Ulu was suppose to be one of the 3 teams (and the only non-dutch one to booth!) fortunate enough to pitch in front of Minister Kamp(OMG OMG), but when the day finally came, just a couple of hours before the actual visit was suppose to take place, all the teams were gathered for an important announcement.

I noticed before, that the organizers were a bit nervous and presumed it was because of the upcoming visit. But as it turned out, they had another surprise in their gift-bag for us. Apparently we wont ONLY be visited by a minister, but the actual KING(yes you read correctly, the big man, his royal highness, the guy who’s responsible for the biggest party in Holland – Kings day) will be coming to OUR office, to listen to OUR pitches and ask US how the Netherlands could improve the startup ecosystem for future entrepreneurs. SAAW WHAAAAT?

Thankfully Jost (our beloved CEO) is as cold as ice, no flinching (it’s only the king right? :D ), no nervousness, just another day in the office: ”We are Ulu and we want to bring the connected car experience to your cars, not just new cars, but ALL CARS build after 1996!” How cool is that? Best pitch practice EVER. Cause I don’t think there is anything else that the Netherlands can throw at us.. right? Oh, and to add a cherry on top.. Willem-Alexander (aka his majesty) held one of our Ulu dongles, so I am proud to present – The Royal Dongle

Well anyhow.. That prolly tops the day/week/month/year off :D The rest of the week was just “normal” stuff… like:

  • Meeting 3 main contributors to the ruby repository (Koichi Sasada, Terence Lee, Zachary Scott). at a @amsrb meetup in Amsterdam. Which I guess could be perceived as nerd porn? I myself am an iOS developer, so half of the time I was just trying to follow the conversation xD
  • We also met another Slovenian that just moved to Amsterdam … Beware Holland, sLOVEnians are invading!
  • Having my birthday and getting the best birthday present a geek can dream of – a broken computer. How can that be the best gift? Well… A non-working computer is just another “excuse” to get a new one :P So.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE
  • last but not least… I finally slept again in a normal bed (my own, back in Amsterdam) after a couple of weeks in my cosy, open space bedroom with a fireplace pillow and full window walls :D


Sadly the Netherlands time is slowly coming to an end, the guys will be leaving me here, all alone … With promises of future visits - I’ll see them again… If not sooner in March at CeBIT, Hannover. Oh, did we mention that Ulu will be participating at CeBIT? But thats a story for another day ;)